Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Washed out.

I don't know if you have ever noticed but when you log in to your youtube page you get a collection of videos Youtube seem to think you like. "Alex Ferguson and the balloon" Because you watched some shit when you were drunk, two months ago. Great stuff.
The only videos I try to watch with a principle are and DominoRecords.
And since watching what Domino pumps out is been aright, Austra and Wild Beasts two great bands who I might of forgotten about if it weren't for this channel.  

Anyway due to Domino I have found a great newish band called Washed Out. Washed Out or Ernest Greene is the founder of this bands chill-wave feel. Something along the lines of The Engineers dreamy state meets The XX's Synth-pop. A lot of the comments on Youtube seem to think you need to be stoned or be making love to appreciated this music it its best form. Is this the hipsters talking infamously about their so-called lives. I doubt it, but remember kids you can still listen to great new music without being a fucking hipster. 

So if you wanna join the droves of ridiculously fashionable indie kids in Brighton, Washed Out are playing on Wed 10th August at The Haunt. Get tickets here.
I might be there looking ridiculously unfashionable and out of place. 

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

SPOEK MATHAMBO strange take on Joy Division's Control. 

I thought I better get back to the blogging lark again. Been up and down the country at music festivals selling merchandise again. Did Download Festival a few weeks ago - really good festival. I recommend it to anyone. It didn't have that stereotypical heavy metal everywhere theme, there were plenty of great bands playing. Although I did go and watch Korn, who were fucking amazing! 
This guy - Gwar has something to say about drummers, I think you might like it.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Meadowlands Artwork.

I say, the artwork for The Meadowlands festival looks spiffing. 
No really just like the website the posters going up and around sussex and beyond are eye candy. These were just taken off the festivals Facebook page here
With the big wanderlust just around the corner we are all excited about this years 
hunky-doy weekend. 
I and others will be produceing loads of top stuff, including back stage films, photos
and insights into the build up, break down and of course the weekend its self. 
So watch this space.

The Communal Fire is going to be great, artists and festival goers alike chilling out together. 
If you wanna get involved you still can. There are spaces left on the crew. Perfect for students or if you have a-little time on your hands.
Get to learn management skills, back stage hand crew and teamwork experience and of course you get a free ticket for the weekend. Thats not just all!! We will provide you with yummy meals all day and the big winner FREE tipple, wine and cider for all you lovely hard workers!
Be apart of the freshest new festival in Sussex, if your interested find out more from theses guys:

Monday, 21 March 2011

Reading Festival

So the mad rush to get on See tickets, Ticketmaster and various other websites for the Reading Festival will commence roughly in 30 minutes. You'll be sitting on your computer for hours tonight, using Facebook or old skool MSN to send new found links to your mates. Then you find out two of your mates have tickets and you don't. Ahhh the rush.
I'm going to wait this year until I know for sure the line up is worth the 350 squids their probably charging this year.

This has been floating around the blogs and forums for a while now, not sure how legit it is.

Remember only trust these websites, don't feed the touts:

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Famous + Naked + Yaaks = Madness!

Well in a few hours I and a mate, (because I only have one) will be going down to Digital in Brighton to see THE NAKED AND FAMOUS. And although I am really looking forward to seeing the band with their post MGMT sound, with songs like Young Blood and my personal favorite Punching A Dream. Its the support act im looking forward to seeing the most. 
Since posting about the YAAKS they have uploaded a new song called Cavalcade on their Myspace. Being the chap I am I looked in to this "cavalcade" and found it is indeed a procession or parade on horseback, or a mass trail ride by a company of riders. Thanks Wiki.
Yet more mystery about this still un-known band. So will YAAKS be the sort of Eastbourne based APES AND ANDROIDS or EMPIRE OF THE SUN, full of elaborate flamboyance and just maybe the cliché of masks. I kind of hope so, keeps a man guessing and thats all we have been doing untill tonight, when they reveal their true identity.

See you there folks.